Georgia `s beautiful city, Batumi, is one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the entire Black Sea region. The history of this city dates back to ancient times, and the earliest references to it can be found in the writings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, although the history of the conversion of Batumi into a city began in the 18th-19th centuries.
Imagine a Black Sea breeze and small slender houses on the beach, narrow streets, fairs, fish sellers... Sailing ships sail in the Gulf, and sailors are heard on the street. This was the case in Batumi in the mid-19th century. A convenient harbour attracted many Georgians and foreigners to the area, and a small settlement became one of the fastest growing cities. It has always had the resources necessary for the resort, but in recent years unprecedented measures have been taken to develop tourism: Old houses of Batumi have been reconstructed, the water supply system has been completely reconstructed, numerous tourist facilities have been created, hotels of world brands have been opened, the project "Batumi" has been started, numerous cafes and restaurants have been opened.
With a warm climate, old and new architecture, a beautiful botanical garden and evergreen boulevard, Batumi is equally attractive all year round.
Of particular note is the fact that Batumi has become a centre of cultural attractions and international events. There are concerts of world-class stars, international festivals in various fields of art or sports.
Fans of Batumi night life have a great choice: some like to walk on Batumi Boulevard, where multicolored light fountains dance all night, some are attracted to night clubs, some - casino in Batumi, some prefer summer entertainment in the seaside bungalow.
And don `t forget to look at Batumi from above. The cable car begins in the city `s old port, which runs 256 meters above sea level. Here, from panoramic views, you can enjoy the view of Batumi, the contrast of mountains and sea.

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