A cosy little seaside town, with its striking contrasts, amazing pace of development and quiet calm, located in western Georgia, Adjaria. It is a beautiful seaside town with lush beaches and charming surroundings. Batumi `s most striking contrast is the amazing proximity of the sea and mountains, which you `ll particularly enjoy walking along Batumi Boulevard, where mountains and the Black Sea merge with beautiful landscapes.

Ancient history, light and dynamic architecture, sunny coast, boulevard, Batum Botanical Garden, delicious Adjaria cuisine and many entertaining, cultural and entertaining places make this city unparalleled and attract many visitors. It is popular not only throughout the republic, but throughout the region.

You should start by studying the streets of Batumi and studying architecture from the 19th-20th centuries. In this city you will also be able to visit all the main religious structures (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism). Due to the ancient history of Batumi and Ajaria in general, the Batumi Archaeological Museum is very interested in unique materials (coins of Georgian and foreign origin, bronze, glass and ceramics, etc.) of the Bronze Age. Sec. Including medieval. This sunny seaside town is certainly unthinkable without a boulevard, fountain, modern architecture, yachts and sunset. Finally, the greens of the Tsalkot - Batum Botanical Garden with its diverse vegetation and beautiful views will undoubtedly give you peace and admiration.

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