Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the construction?

Construction is in Batumi, Angisi Street. 95, near New Boulevard, in a quiet, green district, just 1 minute`s drive from the sea.
For a more precise location, see Map:

How many buildings are under construction?

One 29-storey hotel, 600 apartments in the building. On the ground floor there are commercial spaces, and on the 0 floor - underground parking.

When will the construction be completed?

Construction will be completed in October 2022.

Will construction be completed within the specified time frame?

Construction goes according to plan and will be completed in October 2022

How many entrances is the building?

The building has one entrance

How many apartments In the complex?

There is 600 apartments in the building

How many apartments are on the floor?

There are 22 apartments on each floor. Living quarters start from the second floor. There is commercial space on the ground floor and parking on the 0 floor

How reliable is the construction?

We use high quality reinforcement in construction.
Fire safety standards are maximally respected. The company strictly adheres to all safety requirements established by law. The quality of materials used in construction is absolutely in line with modern standards

When will the building be commissioned?

Construction is must be completed in September 2022, and as for commissioning, this is the competence of the City Hall, but is likely to be commissioned in October 2022

Will I be able to buy a flat with a black frame?

The flat is white framed or renovated. You can`t buy a black frame

How many sq.m is smallest apartment?

The smallest apartment - 36.1 sq. m.

How many sq.m. is largest apartment?

Largest apartment is 77.1 square meters

Does it have a garage?

The hotel has an underground and outdoor parking that can accommodate up to 140 cars.

How many elevators are there in the complex?

The complex has four modern elevators

How looking surrounding area?

The complex consists of 1,800 square meters of courtyard, most of which will be green. It is also worth noting that the building will be fully adapted for people with disabilities. There is also a shopping centre, school, cafes and restaurants. Residents will have a variety of infrastructure - spa, swimming pool, lobby, concierge services, conference hall. Children`s infrastructure, 24/7 video surveillance and perimeter security

How much does a one-time payment cost a square meter?

Square meter price starts at 2525 GEL, Price Depends on View and Floor

How much does a square metre of installments cost?

The internal price in installments per square meter starts at 2525GEL the equivalent of Lari and varies depending on the terms of payment, floor and view.

What is the primary contribution?

First you owe 20% of the total cost of the apartment, and then within 24 months the monthly fee is 2900GEL.

What are your payment terms?

The apartment can be purchased with both a one-time payment and standard installment terms, which means that you initially owe a return of 20% of the total cost of the apartment, after which you will enjoy an interest-free installment for 24 months and pay monthly at least 2900GEL and you pay for the remaining month after completion with your own resources or bank support.

However, to discuss individual conditions, you can visit our sales office at Tsereteli 117a or directly at the construction site in Batumi, Angisis 95 Street; Call to us number 322-04-04-04, and the sales manager will offer you the best terms of payment.

From abroad you can contact WhatsApp or Viber at +995 514 94 44 49
You can also call us from the site.

Do you have a long-term internal payment?

You can use interest-free installments for up to 24 months, and the remaining amount will be repaid within one month with your own resources or bank assistance.

Can I buy an apartment without an initial deposit?

At the moment you will not be able to buy an apartment without an initial deposit, however you can contact us at: 2040404 to discuss your individual terms, conditions and discuss your specific needs with our sales manager.

From abroad you can contact WhatsApp or Viber at +995 514 94 44 49

You can also call us from the site.


Which bank do you cooperate with, where can we transfer the loan?

We cooperate with Bank of Georgia

How much do I have to pay every month?

This depends on the amount of the initial contribution. For accurate calculations, please contact us at 2040404 and clarify the terms and conditions with our sales manager.

From abroad you can contact WhatsApp or Viber at +995 514 94 44 49

You can also call us from the site

How much would an apartment cost if I wanted with repair?

For Renovated standard-class apartment you need to add costs 891GEL per squere meter

Premium Class 1485GEL per squere meter

Do I need a payroll or installment receipt?

შიდა განვადებისთვის შემოსავლის დადასტურება საჭირო არ არის. შემოსავლის დადასტურება მხოლოდ ბანკის საშუალებით შეძენის შემთხვევაში დაგჭირდებათ, ამ შეთხვევაში, გთხოვთ, მიმართოთ სასურველ ბანკს და დააზუსტოთ დეტალები

Which documents are required for installments?

You`ll only need an ID card for internal payments. You will need income confirmation if you plan to buy an apartment from us with a mortgage loan.

Can I get a mortgage for an apartment?

You will be able to lay down your apartment after the construction is completed.

What type of contract exists between the owner and the company?

In case of installments, a pre-sale agreement is formed on the domestic market, in which you are called the future owner. If you pay at a time, you become the owner of the apartment. The contract between the owner and the company is based on the identity card we register (at least 20% or more) based on the amount entered in the Public Register.

What will be the condition of the apartment?

You can buy apartment with repair or without 

  • Construction and installation works completed
  • Finished facade and roof
  • Well equipped surroundings
  • Built-in and painted veranda (common rooms)
  • Front door to the hotel room
  • Outer metal-plastic door with mini-package
  • Contour walls of hotel rooms
  • Sewerage and water tanks are included in the hotel room with individual counter, cold and hot water plumbing
  • Individual ventilation channel in the hotel room
  • Entrance and internal grid of electricity with individual meter
  • Contoured and painted hotel room contours and internal partitions
  • Tension floors, laminate
  • Plastered and painted sunk
  • Balcony floor with ceramic tiles

Bathroom with ceramic wall tiles and floor, suspended ceiling.

The bathroom is fully equipped with all bath accessories: toilet, water heater, sink, shower cabin, hangers, hairdryer...

Furniture: Wardrobe, Kitchen closet, Kitchen sink, Bed with accessories and kits, Table, chair, Curtains,

Equipment: TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioning, Electric stove, Electric kettle, Internet modem


What other projects have you implemented?

The hotel is being built by Anagi with 30 years of experience in the construction field, and Batumi Boulevard Residence is an investor in the Global Buisness Network, which has been operating in Oman since 2004. Facts and figures show the success of various industries in the company. The company has won 26 awards in various categories, employs 550 people and cooperates with 1,400 contractors. Batumi Boulevard Residence is the first project of the Global Trade Network in Georgia, the investment value of which exceeds 12 million dollars.

Projects implemented by Anagi include:

  • High-end hotels such as Hilton in Batumi, Georgia Palace in Kobuleti, Windham Grand in Tbilisi.
  • Residential complexes. Clients of the company are the largest developers in Georgia.
  • Public buildings - shopping malls, sports complexes, hospitals, car shops, music centers, educational institutions and much more.
  • Industrial buildings - In this sector, the Company`s projects include an oil pipeline overpass in Batumi, a fluid pumping line and an aviation plant that was completed by the end of 2018.
  • Individual residential buildings - despite the scale of the Company`s activities, Anagi designs and builds individual residential buildings.

How I can contact you?

Call us at (032) 2040404; You can also visit our sales office at Tsereteli 117a.

From abroad you can contact WhatsApp or Viber at +995 514 94 44 49

You can also call us from the site.

How do I contact you from abroad?

You can contact WhatsApp or Viber from abroad at +995 514 94 44 49

Where is the sales office?

Sales office address: Tbilisi, Akaki Tsereteli str. 117a, as well as directly on the construction, Batumi, Angisi str. 95

By default, our working hours are: weekdays - 10:00-19:00, Saturday: 10:00-14:00.

However, of course, you can schedule a meeting at the desired time, non-working days, and hours.

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